See if a site is tracking me and responds to Do-Not-Track (DNT)

Your browser is NOT set to send Do Not Track (DNT)

Currently there are very few sites that have implemented the do not track header. Right now it is more of a proposal than anything else. You will most likely find that your favorite sites show up with a big red X and a list of 3rd party tracking sites. However, if you are a developer or web master and want to get your website in shape, this page is a great way to test.

There are also very few browsers that send DNT. Mozilla added the option to Firefox Version 4 Download


Sites that appear not to track and have implemented DNT
If you find one, it is automatically added to the list.

More information on tracking and DNT


Configure Mozilla Firefox for DNT
Microsoft IE9 DNT Configuration


California SB 761
EFF on Do Not Track
Federal Trade Commission Proposed Framework (pdf)

Standards Technical Documents

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Do Not Track draft-mayer-do-not-track-00